Yes of course you can!

 During my first trimester i have a very very i mean very bad all day sickness. I lost 5kgs just in 3 months. I would be so happy loosing weight if i’m not pregnant 😀 .

I really need to get all the nutrient i can get for my baby, but i can’t barely eat anything. So i decided to drink lot and lots of juice to gain nutrient. Of course with meal too. During pregnancy you cannot do juice diet! No no and no. Detoxing by juice diet will harm your baby, since you will flush the toxin through your bloodstream and end up you pump it to your baby. So again NO, drink juice but eat your meal.

Here is one juice that i really love.

1. Cucumber
2. Carrot
3. Celery

Blend it all together and drink immediately. It’s yummy!

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