When some people says during pregnancy you’ll glow and the skin will be softer, plumper and beautiful. Well not everything is a myth, but it’s all depend on the person. For me my skin become dry and i sometimes feel like an alligator πŸ™

Now in my 15 weeks, my baby bump become obvious. I am now having problem putting lotion on my leg..It’s quite hard to bend haha..i have to sit down and take my leg up so i can put the lotion on. 
How do i prevent or at least minimize the dry skin? Based on some reading i found out that:
1.  Warm but not hot.
Having frequent hot shower / bath will take away the moist on the skin. So avoid it. Try to just lukewarm water. Our skin is not like a sponge (the more it on water the more it absorb), no. Hot water will strip your skin from its natural oil barrier.
2. Avoid alcohol contained cleanser.
Alcohol can make your skin dryer. If can wash with soapless cleanser.
3. Cover up
Never never go out without sunblock. Me myself i use at least SPF30.  Use any sunscreen product suits you.
Well there you go, 3 tips but at least some idea rite πŸ™‚

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