Eli is now 32 weeks. He is a strong  baby boy, keep jumping,kicking and do the somersault inside my tummy. It’s painful sometimes, but yeah, it shows how healthy my baby Eli is.

Checkup with Dr Sutha at JMC is now every 2 weeks. Quite tedious but, well all for Eli. Luckily JMC is just 5 minutes away from my office, the only thing is the waiting. Hurgh, Dr Sutha really have soooo many fans..haha..

I keep getting the painful contraction, and it’s just 32 weeks. Well in facts, i have been getting it since 30 weeks. Only braxton hicks (BH), but when it comes, i could hardly move from whatever i was doing. Painful from the tummy to the back. Wohoo Eli, you sure a sporty little man!

Off for work now 🙂


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