It’s been a while since i posted something. Being too busy with my pregnancy and my work. I was having many false alarm during the pregnancy, and admitted to hospital 1 night due to frequent contractions.

On 15th january 2016, after weekly checkup at JMC ( Jesselton Medical Center), me and my husband went for a lunch at Sri Latha Curry house . My tummy already feel uneasy but i thought it was my hunger strike in. I ate a set of banana leaf with chicken curry and fish curry. It was soooooo good i even miss the taste now hehe.

After lunch we went to Sembulan for my kuih muih craving, then head back home. My contraction starting to get stronger, and i know it was time. Hubby still have to do some work on his lappy, and i slowly went upstairs to take my shower and getting my hair washed.

At 5am, i finished packing and told hubby that we need to go to hospital. We stuck in a jam at Kelombong area, nearby JMC. Luckly the jam doesn’t take that long, and we manage to reach JMC around 5.45PM.

Went up to 7th floor, and was greeted by the nurse there. I told them that i am 5minutes contractions, and they quickly put me in a room. I am already 3cm dilated at 6.30 PM. They decided that i need to stay because i can deliver anytime soon. But never did they expect i will be so quick, that i deliver my baby boy at 7.31PM. Only an hour after they first check me.

…to be continued…