I delivered little Eli naturally but with a help of vacuum. I am so tired, after so many pushes and i told Dr.Sutha to please use the vacuum. I can’t stand the pain anymore. Each time i push, i can feel the baby is about to pop out, but still it went back in. I am so stressed and i can hear the baby heart rate is dropping.

Immediately they set up the vacuum and ask me to push very hard for them to ‘suck’ the baby out. I give my very painful push with a loud scream and they fix the vacuum and pop the baby out!

It is such a joy and relief when they put baby Eli on by chest for the first time. Eli announcing his arrival to this world with a big loud cry.

But all of sudden his breathing became so fast, the nurses need to bring him to the other room. I was so worried but Dr Sutha has not done with me. The placenta is not out yet! She ask me to push hard because the placenta seems to ‘go back inside’. I push like pushing a baby out, but still the placenta is not appear. The nurse push my upper abdomen very hard to help me to push it out. Finally doctor put ┬áher hand inside me, and successfully pull it out.

Eli has to be in monitoring unit for a night. The night after the delivery was without him, and the feeling is soooo empty. Luckly, early in the morning the nurses deliver our baby into the room. I almost cry.