Day 8 of lent ( yesterday), and i am still lack of giving and praying. I slowly limit my social media ( FB,insta) to avoid any unwanted critism or judging reading the news feed.  Ha ha , well sometimes i can’t help it – especially when I saw bragging post or ‘oh-thats-so-her’ post. Once home, i won’t touch my phone – but concentrate the time with my beautiful kids <3

So yesterday, i decided to be humble on road.

It might sound simple or ‘oo-i-did-it-everyday’, but i put all my sincerity there :D. I let other car go first, i pray for the reckless driver, and i smile to other driver when stop on traffic light.

And i reach home with a pleasant feeling.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-08 at 5.36.42 PM
“Mommy’s home!!”


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