This blog could have a newborn if it was just pregnant when i last post anything!

Yes guilty as charged. I let my laziness took over. The neverending i dont have time excuse when i have time to upload on Instagram. My brain is getting slow.. slow to think even the right word to start a blog post!

So update ya update..

The cheeky girl is now 3 years and 3 months, whilst the baby boy is 1 year and 11 months. Time flies huh, phew. They are suddenly running around making chaos in the house. From a tiny little humans to hard-to-catch not-so-little humans. <3

Credit to Aunty Cindy for the photo.
Randavi and Surindi at their Aunty Cindy’s.

And this Mom still with her 8 – 5 office work. Yes, never did finally decided to be a stay at home Mom even with quite a few evil hatred people envying me with my career. Oh well, im so blessed with a mother who can take care of my kids when i am at work. And with my in laws who always there when my mother isĀ  not around. Hmm come to think about it, i have everything a daughter, a wife and a mother need. A love from people around me. Now i understand the hate.. Tsk tsk.. <3

I have to stop now, as my December task is getting longer ( remember i have full time job!). I be back! And i promise.. yes.. hmmm..