Month: April 2019

DIY Perfume

Commercial perfume usually made by hundreds of chemicals compounds, and they are usually toxic.

Based on “As if we needed another reason to stop using fragranced products, a recent analysis foundthat fragrance was the official culprit in a number of  work-related reports of asthma. The study looked at asthma associated with exposure to air fresheners, perfumes, colognes, and other personal care products in the workplace. “

So, what is our alternative?

Try make your own perfume using Young Living Essential OIl.

10 Drops Joy
5 Drops White Angelica
Witch Hazel

In 30ml spray bottle, pour in 80% Witch Hazel, followed by Joy and White Angelica.
Gently mix the mixture.
Finally pour in the purified water,

Tips: To make the scent stronger, mix the 2 oils first and leave them in a dark place for 2 days. Then only add in Witch Hazel and water.

Happy Oiling!

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ID: 15837237

Positive Blends

Im so in love with this blends!

1 Drop Abundance
2 Drops White Angelica
3 Drops Joy

The scent is so divine! Soothing the mind and emotion. When you feel down and all your things didn’t work out, try this blend.

Make affirmation: Abundance come to my house. All bad things will go through the door, and Joy will fill this house once again.

I am so ready to work even more hard to achieve my target after that.