Young Living Melrose Essential Oil

Morning Friyay!!

Waking up with some rashes on the leg, i quickly make my own skin cream using Melrose essential oil.


So Melrose ni ialah oil blends yang consists of 4 essential oils which are:
💧 Tea Tree Oil
💧 Nerolina Oil ( Cousin Tea Tree)
💧 Rosemary Oil
💧 Clove Oil

All 4 above ialah oils yang amat bagus untuk kulit. A protective barrier against skin challenges.

Melrose has strong antiseptic properties.

Selain bagus untuk kulit, Melrose bagus untuk kasin hilang bau² an juga. Macam bau hapak, bau sampah.

Jangan lupa kebaikan dia untuk system respiratory! 1 drop di tapak tangan, activate and inhale! Awal pagi bagus untuk amalkan.

My eczema lotion, main ingredient memang Melrose ❤


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