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And she blog again :)

This blog could have a newborn if it was just pregnant when i last post anything!

Yes guilty as charged. I let my laziness took over. The neverending i dont have time excuse when i have time to upload on Instagram. My brain is getting slow.. slow to think even the right word to start a blog post!

So update ya update..

The cheeky girl is now 3 years and 3 months, whilst the baby boy is 1 year and 11 months. Time flies huh, phew. They are suddenly running around making chaos in the house. From a tiny little humans to hard-to-catch not-so-little humans. <3

Credit to Aunty Cindy for the photo.
Randavi and Surindi at their Aunty Cindy’s.

And this Mom still with her 8 – 5 office work. Yes, never did finally decided to be a stay at home Mom even with quite a few evil hatred people envying me with my career. Oh well, im so blessed with a mother who can take care of my kids when i am at work. And with my in laws who always there when my mother is  not around. Hmm come to think about it, i have everything a daughter, a wife and a mother need. A love from people around me. Now i understand the hate.. Tsk tsk.. <3

I have to stop now, as my December task is getting longer ( remember i have full time job!). I be back! And i promise.. yes.. hmmm..

Day 10 Lent

It’s Friday today – means no MEAT day. It is abstinence  rules for a Catholic to abstain from eating meat on Friday.

Every person 14 years of age or older must abstain from meat (and items made with meat) on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all the Fridays of Lent. Every person between the age of 18 and 59 (beginning of 60th year) must fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

But remember again, that in Catholic it’s not just about FOOD. The most important in Lent is to demonstrate love and fogiveness.

Abstaining from meat is my choice – to spritually get close to the Lord. To remember that on Friday ,Jesus sacrified his flesh and his blood to save us.



Day 8 Lent

Day 8 of lent ( yesterday), and i am still lack of giving and praying. I slowly limit my social media ( FB,insta) to avoid any unwanted critism or judging reading the news feed.  Ha ha , well sometimes i can’t help it – especially when I saw bragging post or ‘oh-thats-so-her’ post. Once home, i won’t touch my phone – but concentrate the time with my beautiful kids <3

So yesterday, i decided to be humble on road.

It might sound simple or ‘oo-i-did-it-everyday’, but i put all my sincerity there :D. I let other car go first, i pray for the reckless driver, and i smile to other driver when stop on traffic light.

And i reach home with a pleasant feeling.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-08 at 5.36.42 PM
“Mommy’s home!!”


Day 3 Lent

This year lent, i will try to really appreciate and make holy the season with fasting and do good.

The third day of lent , i decided to donate blood to one particular child at Hosp Tenom. I was contacted by Queen Elizabeth’s bolld bank unit , that my blood is a match with this child, and she needed the blood urgently. So i went.

I give my blood to this beautiful child, with a prayer for her health and safety. May the lord above grant her all the health she and her parents always wanted. Amen.

Sending my ‘blood’ to Tenom with love
The process is not painful.Trust me. Donate blood.



April Come


I wake up today and realised it’s already August. Almost end year. My babies are getting bigger and demanding more attention from me. Life has been quite tiring, with weekdays work and weekend long drive. I drive home for 123km every Friday and back to office on Monday morning.

There is a day i feel so tired, and i don’t think i can do it anymore. But my babies are my strength. Soon babies, we will have our home here <3



Little Eli is home

I delivered little Eli naturally but with a help of vacuum. I am so tired, after so many pushes and i told Dr.Sutha to please use the vacuum. I can’t stand the pain anymore. Each time i push, i can feel the baby is about to pop out, but still it went back in. I am so stressed and i can hear the baby heart rate is dropping.

Immediately they set up the vacuum and ask me to push very hard for them to ‘suck’ the baby out. I give my very painful push with a loud scream and they fix the vacuum and pop the baby out!

It is such a joy and relief when they put baby Eli on by chest for the first time. Eli announcing his arrival to this world with a big loud cry.

But all of sudden his breathing became so fast, the nurses need to bring him to the other room. I was so worried but Dr Sutha has not done with me. The placenta is not out yet! She ask me to push hard because the placenta seems to ‘go back inside’. I push like pushing a baby out, but still the placenta is not appear. The nurse push my upper abdomen very hard to help me to push it out. Finally doctor put  her hand inside me, and successfully pull it out.

Eli has to be in monitoring unit for a night. The night after the delivery was without him, and the feeling is soooo empty. Luckly, early in the morning the nurses deliver our baby into the room. I almost cry.



Little Boy is finally home :)

It’s been a while since i posted something. Being too busy with my pregnancy and my work. I was having many false alarm during the pregnancy, and admitted to hospital 1 night due to frequent contractions.

On 15th january 2016, after weekly checkup at JMC ( Jesselton Medical Center), me and my husband went for a lunch at Sri Latha Curry house . My tummy already feel uneasy but i thought it was my hunger strike in. I ate a set of banana leaf with chicken curry and fish curry. It was soooooo good i even miss the taste now hehe.

After lunch we went to Sembulan for my kuih muih craving, then head back home. My contraction starting to get stronger, and i know it was time. Hubby still have to do some work on his lappy, and i slowly went upstairs to take my shower and getting my hair washed.

At 5am, i finished packing and told hubby that we need to go to hospital. We stuck in a jam at Kelombong area, nearby JMC. Luckly the jam doesn’t take that long, and we manage to reach JMC around 5.45PM.

Went up to 7th floor, and was greeted by the nurse there. I told them that i am 5minutes contractions, and they quickly put me in a room. I am already 3cm dilated at 6.30 PM. They decided that i need to stay because i can deliver anytime soon. But never did they expect i will be so quick, that i deliver my baby boy at 7.31PM. Only an hour after they first check me.

…to be continued…

34 weeks

Eli is getting stronger and gives me backpain and cramps. Looks like he can’t wait to join his sister. Maybe he hear so much noise ( Emma’s screaming and crying and humming) and curious to know. 😀

Sleeping is really a struggle nowdays. My tummy is so big it’s really hard to get the right position each time.  It will take me 1 to 2 hours to get the right position and finally fall asleep.

Apple cider vinegar is my favourite drink now. Ha ha, have to drink it for my  bowel movement and for the skin. Skin dryness really bothering me, but no lotion or any moisturiser can cure the dryness. Home remedy, is the fantastic Apple Cider Vinegar. I drink it with 2 spoons on honey and a glass of water twice a day. The taste? Hmm so far i can handle it haha.

Bah, continue working! 😀


Baby Food Recipe

EJ is now turns 1 year plus and she loves her food. We agree to really check on her food consumption and to choose the best food for her. No junk food and most of all to provide her as organic as we can give her.

Preparing for baby’s food is not that hard. It’s fun actually. For our EJ, we give her mostly fruits and veggies. She loves just eating her veggies alone!

Here is another recipe for baby we made for our EJ.

Chicken ,Spinach and peas ( with sweet potatoes)

  1. Pour some water to pan, and add in chicken for 5 minutes.
  2. Then add in peas.
  3. Followed by spinach.
  4. Once all smooth, put in the food processor.
  5. Cook sweet potatoes separately.
  6. Once blend, put into silicon food cube to frost.

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Whenever it’s time to feed your baby, just take out the frozen food and steam it. Remember to choose the food cube container with lid, to make sure the food is clean and not contaminated.

Food Foood Food

I usually use 2 cubes for EJ per meal. It’s simple and can lasts about 3 days :).


Little Baby

Our little baby is coming soon!

So excited and a bit worry too, because our EJ is just 1 year and 4 months when he arrive. How would she react? Will she be jealous with her new sibling? Well to consider she won’t have the full attention she used to have before.

Luckily for the second one, we don’t have to spent lots on baby items since we can just use our little EJ’s stuffs.

And how about me? ha ha..can i handle two little babies at once? How do you handle yours?


Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.

C.S. Lewis