Aminulrasyid trial

It almost had  been a year since Aminulrasyid case trial. I had been following this case and everytime reading it, my heart cry. And i can’t imagine how his mother feel each time she had to be in the court session and had to bear all the good and bad things people talk about her beloved son.

I can’t comment much on this, as it’s too complicated to really know the situation. I am just sometimes annoyed with Cpl Jenain Subi’s pic, showing that he is all calm and like knowing that he will be ok. I mean, doesn’t he feel any guilt after everything? Aminulrasyid was just 15 yrs old boy, who happen to do some stupid non-harmless thing, get panicked and he deserved to be killed??

What makes really really me sick is the parang the police claim they found in the car. Well people, isn’t it too obvious?

I don’t know, it’s really hard to believe even the police nowadays. Not all but most of them. It’s like they always feel that they are POLICE and they have this right to do anything because they are POLICE. You know, it’s like ‘i’m the boss’ kind of stuffs..

Someone told me and some friends that police usually will just tembak any crime does caught  red handed, because it is a waste of government’s money to put them into jail, with all the trial and stuffs. Disgusting? Yea, really. I don’t know how true is the story but that’s just what we had been told.

Do they ever think of any possibility that it will happen to their family? Maybe they just some teenagers who get naughty and yes it is not right. But who are they to play God to take someone’s life just like that? And to those who think it’s a right way to ‘save government money’ maybe it’s time for you to contribute more to the country’s economy!

Aminulrasyid, RIP… 

I wish i could turn back the time…

A thousand apologize to my Programming lecturer back to my uni year ..Sir, i wish i listen to your lecture and i’m truly sorry because i always skip your class πŸ™

Now i learn my lesson in a very hard way..i can’t even do any simple programming anymore πŸ™

I can’t seem to understand why i can’t pass some parameter to another function. Sir i am that stupid, i admit πŸ™

I always thought i can choose not to do it. But now here i am..Loosing track on which and where, when how and so much more..I wish book can explain, but no one like you one..:(

Now i really need to read everything from the start πŸ™

There goes your karma

Do you believe in karma?

Some people says worthless people blame karma for everything..I would say some people just don’t want to accept failure or doesn’t want to work hard for whatever they wanted. Karma will be the best thing to be blamed..

I do believe in karma.  Just for a reason to be good to others πŸ™‚

When your life doesn’t fit your dream, think back how awful sometimes you talk bad about others, killing someone with your words. So maybe that’s your karma..

So if we want to be treated nicely in life, get all dreams in your hands, then be good πŸ™‚

Am i optimist enough?

When I decided to move back to my hometown, and close my chapter working in a high corporate world in big city, I had decided to become a very optimist in everything. I need to educate myself to be someone who never wants to take anything personally in life.
Learning stage is very hard. I always have to keep reminding myself to be positive. Later that I found that acting it will be easier. Sort of, I act to be positive to teach me how to be positive..Hmm ya I know confusing..ha ha
But it did come to some points that I really burst into tears, hatred and blaming. I hate everything that happens to me unexpectedly, unplanned.  I want to hate everything and everyone that hurt me, and just forget about being optimist. I a m just a human being with a feeling, not a machine that people can always throw something at me and I still smile. But i overcome it finally.
Building my own business from scratch and alone is not an easy task as I imagine it is. A month with so many rejections, so many failures. But I think the practice i did on trying to be optimist really helpful. People will shut me up before I finish my word, clients will make me wait for hours for an appointments, some will try to take advantages for me being a woman, even some accusing me flirting with their husband- take note that the husband is way too old even to be my father! Urgh, it is not the work loads that killing me, but the stress from the people I deal with.
When all happen, I will tell myself that success is about creating a space for myself, and letting go all unimportant things. Taking time to reboot myself, deleting unwanted files (even empty the recycle bin)..learning more and gaining more experience. 
Motivating myself with success and my target will makes me remember why I start this business. Not for me to brag around, but for my own satisfaction. That I finally know I really can do it by myself.
So yea, me, a woman who still trying to figure out how to survive in a wild world. Learning to be optimist in every single step she takes, and gaining knowledge for every footsteps. 
I am blessed to be someone who still have my girlfriends with me, sharing about life, relationship and learn from each other mistakes. Friends who always be there for each other good or bad times. some people don’t have it, and im truly blessed. Maybe that’s what friends are for..

I might be not optimist enough ..yet..but in a process of learning, i am picking up quite fast πŸ˜›

Funny things about people

Do you agree that it’s OK for people to blame someone by someone else past?

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes we know the person we in love with, sometimes we thought we understand the person we’ve been married for years, sometimes even with the  neighbor we grew up with their smiles. We never understand other people. They are different being.

Some people can say very terrible things to others, but never feel any slight of guilt about it. For them it is something that they feel, and they don’t have to feel sorry for it. They praise the Almighty God everyday, without fail.But in their heart, they still judge other people so badly, they forget the basic commandments of God.

Some people will judge someone’s else daughter before take a close look at their daughter. They can list down thousands bad things they saw in other people’s daughter, with just one day meet, but they never really take a silent moment and look at their own daughter. Had their daughter become someone that make them proud. Is their daughter successful in her life, or living a life as permitted my the God they praise?

There’s so much things you will never understand about other people.  Like it or not, you will live in the same world as them. Everyone is not perfect, but some people always think they are perfect.

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So yea, its free for now, so why not grab the chance!

Junior MasterChef Australia

I was watching this shows last week and i couldn’t help but admiring the kids..They really can cook! If only Malaysia can have this kind of programme..well instead of just all those singing contest, it would be really brilliant to have this kind of TV show rite..

They are awesome!

I’m a bitch

I love this cover on I am a bitch..

I hate the world today
You’re so good to me I know that I can’t change
I tried to tell you but you look at me like maybe
I’m an angel underneath; innocent and sweet
Yesterday I cried; Must’ve been relief to see the softer side
I can undertsand how you’d be so confused
I don’t envy you; I’m a little bit of everything
all roled into one

I’m a Bitch I’m a Lover
I’m a child I’m a Mother
I’m a sinner I’m a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I’m your hell I’m your dream
I’m nothing in between
you know you wouldn’t want it any other way

So take me as I am
This might mean you’ll have to be a stronger man
Rest assured that when I start to make you nervous
I’m going to extremes; Tomorrow I will change
And today won’t mean a thing

Just when you think, you got me figured out
The season’s already changin’
I think it’s cool; you do what you do
And don’t try to save me

I’m a bitch, I’m a tease
I’m a goddess of my knees
When you hurt; when you suffer
I’m your angel undercover
I’m enough; I’m revived
Can’t say I’m not alive
You know I wouldn’t want it any other way

30 Days Blogging Challenge

New year..

I challenge myself to blog everyday for 30 days…I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years, and i know how hard it is to blog everyday..Well, to make life a bit fun, lets do it! πŸ™‚

2011 is all about living healthy physically and mentally. So yea, start to do my run everyday is one of the goal.Maybe i will start with 4 times a week, for 2 weeks, then will do it everyday after that. Few years back, i love running. Every morning i must wake up and do it..Mostly because i was in hockey team and i have to do it..ha ha..and day by day it become habit. But after start working and stuffs, it totally forgotten. And so yea, 2011 is the time to do it again!

How do you wake up every morning  and start running? Not that easy, i need a very strong mental to leave my bed :). My routine will be based on 30minutes Daily jog which i will tell in detail on my next post. Ah, i still have 29 more posts to go anyway hehe..

Ok people, off for now, i have 2 appointments with clients today, and laundry to do..Wish me luck πŸ™‚

The New Zodiac Sign!

As everyone had probably know, new zodiac sign had been declared early this year. For some people they will have changing of Zodiac sign, hmm a bit weird ain’t they..

The new zodiac dates:

Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11- April 18
Aries: April 18- May 13
Taurus: May 13- June 21
Gemini: June 21- July 20
Cancer: July 20- Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10- Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16- Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30- Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23- Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29- Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17- Jan. 20

As for me..i hate it! I am not the proud LEO anymore..The whole thing change me to Cancerous! Holly cow!
Ha ha now i have to read back all my new character.

Hope there will be something good about being Cancer after all..Well maybe changes is better..stuck with all the unanswered question is not something that i would like to live forever..changes can hurt, one time..not forever..maybe..

But im a bit lucky rather than those who have to stuck with Ophiuchus..ha ha..