Hello June

I wish I am a poet to say beautiful Hello to June..but i’m not.. I’m just a simple lady with not so much beautiful word to offer. Yet i wish i could..

Hello June..It’s midyear and to re-check the’what-had-I-achieved’ list is just a terrible idea..ha ha..Fuh, well so much to do eh..I’ve said this thousand times but still, my list-to-do still appear the same. Nothing completed nothing wearing the big DONE mark. Ouch.

So here I am complaining so much things not done, and im still staring at this blog. Ha ha. bah okey, lets check some lists!

I can’t write anymore..

..and i don’t know why.

Have you ever been in a situation when you really want to write something, and all the things you want to pour to the writing just stuck somewhere between your brain and fingers ( and i don’t know exactly where it is he he)..

Here i am, having emotionless blog ha ha. Now it had  been 8 years, and it getting worst. Could it be because of Facebook or Twitter? Or it’s just me?

Hmmm…They say :

but i am not complaining..i’m just wondering :D..


..almost say goodbye

It had been a hectic month with so many planning and work to be done, but i‘m glad everything goes as it planned.

But   hey, look like i have something cute to share today he he! Its the English-KadazanDusun Flashcards!(Order laa..)

Nite night..!

Wrong ‘Loaded Configuration File’ path on phpinfo

That’s killing me!

My phpinfo(Loaded Configuration File still pointing to my other php. I have 3 different servers in my machine. WAMP Apache, IIS and hardened Apache. 

Solution? 😀

Just add this at Apache configuration : httpdconf, and walla! Happy happy.. 😀 . Or you can read more here

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
PHPIniDir "C:/Program Files/PHP5"

How to avoid Sleepiness at work

..and i am sooo sleepy …yes, im just having my lunch – not heavy lunch but im so sleepy..

how to avoid this…

Stretch. Two or three times a day, stand up and move around. Reach, bend, twist and touch your toes to keep that blood flowing, letting your brain and body know that despite sitting stationary for up to eight hours a day, you are still awake!

Socialize. Step away from work now and then to talk to your co-workers and supervisors. Not only will it wake you up, but also strengthen your work relationships. Keep the conversation work-related and technically you’re still working


Ok let me try ..yawnnnn

How to start ‘working’ after long holiday..

…is by just making an appearance on the first day 🙂

Ah, it’s really hard to focus when my body and mind already full with all the joys of Christmas and New year..I can’t even remember any of my To Do List i promise to do on my first day at work after holiday..Duh!

Starting with ..hmm..read back my previous meeting presentations…to gain back the mood on ‘oh-no-i-have-so-many-tasks-pending’.

I can DUIT!