About Sabah

I love reading books about Sabah. I have a few books and still looking for more books. Well, now that i am ‘wiser’ hehe, i choose not to trust all the facts in Buku Sejarah back to school days. I rather look for the original source and read it myself. Recently i read this blog of Ms Tina Kissil about Sabah, and she summarizes it in a way i could easily understand.

Check out her blog at : http://teawith-tina.blogspot.com/2012/06/letter-to-my-anak-buah.html Really interesting!

My life as system developer

I am a System Developer or SD (no i‘m not a house developer 🙂 ), i develop a system
 for people. My main task is to think- to make people’s life easier. My mind exercise more than my 
physical body. 

I studied Computer Science majoring in Multimedia, but I work in the 
Software Engineering field ever since.
Why, i‘m not sure 🙂 . Maybe because I am actually doing better in SE rather than Multimedia?
Or maybe because that’s what God spare for me? What ever it is, i actually love my job,
even though it’s killing me sometimes..

Architect, you plan for the whole building from the building plan to the material.
That’s what System Developer does. A programmer will refer to the plan or in IT 
term Functional Flow to develop a system. But SD is a programmer as well, because 
it’s Malaysia. You do everything.

A programmer doesn’t need to go out and talk with the client or the Boss. But as SD you will
be in the middle. The Client will ask for a Porche with Kancil budget. The Boss will agree 
to deliver Porche to please the Client, and will ask System Developer to use Kancil

So when the Client test drive the Porche, it cannot go as fast as real Porche so 
System Developer has to blame the road condition. The Client will get mad and 
ask for a tecnical report. SD will have to deliver thousand pages of
technical report as detail as possible, while they still need to do the programming
while they still need to attend lots of technical meetings , progress meetings or 
budget meetings.

When most will spent their weekend off job, SD will be thankful to have 2 days more before
weekend end to finish the task.

But when all project done, SD will feel soooooooo good! And that’s the greatest felling of all!


ah i hate it when i neglect my blog for over a week..but i am too busy with everything to write. Btw BALI was AWESOME!! He he..I really really really enjoying my life there..it’s really like im back to reality when its all ended..ah..but i will go there again..for sure..!

Me at Tanah Lot Temple with the 2 local lady on their way for prayers..Tanah Lot means “LandSea” in Balinese language Located in Tabanan, about 20 km from Denpasar, the temple sits on a large offshore rock which has been shaped continuously over the years by the ocean tide.

 Bargain on lots of cute stuffs there 🙂 Well at Bali, bargain for everything in , they are offended if you don’t…

 Just arrive at Denpasar Airport- checking the free maps of Bali..

At Seminyak Beach, a Beautiful Seminyak Beach!

5 days never enough for Bali. Especially when you first time there. There’s A LOT of interesting places to go. At least most of my checklist ‘Things to do and go at Bali’ checked :D.
I will be back to bali- maybe after i completed my Eat-Pray-Love tour :)..

For 2 more days!

Another 2 days for my (maybe last) vacation for this year. And yes, it’s just second month of the year, but hey so much things going on and i don’t think i can afford another day off from my boss..heheh..

I am excited, having so many (i mean it) things to settle before my 5 days off, makes me all exhausted..What’s next after the trip? Again i have tons of work waiting for me. So i have really have to use my days off wisely and yes happily! 😀

I will be on my course for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification . There will be 3 exams waiting for me this year, and i pray Lord God, give me the strength. I am not 100% sure yet how am i going to do everything at one time, but i am a firm believer on Where there is a will , there is a way. And i know, i can do it , just not sure yet how..hehe..

well another long day tomorrow for our system design and architecture, so better take my good good rest tonite..Nitey nite people…

Rafting day with my family at Kiulu River. Fun Fun Fun!

The late night post

Today is the last day on January-the first month of 2012. I am stitting on my bed, trying to finish my office work but im run out of idea. GET IDEA,GET IDEA. But my brain still cannot move,even an inch 🙁

I have to finish 4 modules for our internal system in office..Im totally blank. How to solve the programming issue, i dont know. Or maybe i didn’t really push my brain to work it out? Or maybe i just tired. I mean my brain.mean me.mean ya me.

oh and uhmm..Can anyone send me some love by clicking the below cute image and ‘like’ the page? You will be granted with thousand of happines in the world 🙂

The sweet christmas

And yes, i love Christmas..:)

Life is getting busy lately with all my work,projects, and stuffs. Been busy shopping like a rich girl ha ha for Christmas presents..But that’s the fun of Christmas rite , spending without guilt..Oo just wait for the next month’s wages if wallet gone empty..ha ha..

Besides Christmas, there’s so much things to do. Searching for apartment to buy ($$$  out 🙁 ), taking care of all my other projects ($$$ comes in), study for my new passion, which i just got my license for it ($$$ Finance), and of course planning for my retirement investment (oh another $$$)..And of course enjoying every minutes waiting for my Bali vacation early next year..hehe..

Ah BALI!! I keep on checking my passport just in case i missed the expiring date. Luckily i still have another 2 years..hehe..All flights had been taken care of..all activities and of course the $$$!

Enjoying BALI, but i can’t wait for the next vacation as well.. ITALY! yayyy..heheh..Its so tiring to work really hard (i mean really), but when i keep on aiming for my ITALY vacation, all my energy come to the max!

I have my BEFORE 30 Lists (B3L), and i’m checking some of it one by one..Life is great when we know what we aim for rite 🙂 .. And of course, when we work hard to achieve our dream..Another 1 year plus for me to ‘check’ all my B3L..i can do it!

Merry Christmas people..May this Christmas brings joy and blessing to all of us ..