Me and my fat cells

Someone ask me: If fat cells have ears and emotion, would you persuade
them you leave u?

I said: No. I need them. They make my curve and make me feel like a beautiful woman.

Be gratefule. Dont hate everything you have. Fat cells are good, as long as you draw your line 😛

Maybe for some people, it would be a very lame excuse for being not-so-slim person like me..But actually that’s how i feel about it 🙂

Yes, i am not as slim as when i was in my early 20s, but maybe my fat cells somehow give me confident and make me look mature..well i guess 🙂

Busy with life..mean im still alive! :)

Did any of you realized that time fly really fast? I mean it seems that I don’t even have any time to organize my task and there goes weekend! I wake up everyday like a robot –working-back-sleep…and never ending story..
Last week was really a ‘GREAT’ week for me, need to get 2 systems done in same deadline. Well, when you do programming and meet client, usually what they were asking is what they WANT not what they NEED. Its frustrating when you didn’t get a chance to define what is WANT and NEED. Well after all it’s their money ain’t it? But cracking my head to the maximum is what I really hate..i know I know… who doesn’t..:)
I am currently learning new programming language as well, plus with what I am using now.  At least I can brag that I am improved in my programming skill..Ha ha..I am currently developing a system to do sort of like an e- calendar where (usually) manager can do 1 month schedule for his/her staffs  on where to go, what time, and stuffs. It is exactly like a Google calendar but customized for your need J.
Oh I definitely will give a link after it completely done..just in case anyone need my service? Heheh..(Promo juga bah !)
 The other one is an Inventory system with a bar scan. Quite challenging when I need to customized client’s need.. I will need another 2 months to deliver…hopefully all done before Christmas L

7km charity run…:)

It has been more than a week, but only have the time to post it on by blog ..hehe

Me and bunch of my friends join the 7km run, and it was really fun, and exciting! Well lucky i have been running 1 month earlier, so my stamina is quite ok..hahah…We start from Sutera harbour to Wawasan Plaza.

The crowd is too jam, so we park at Grace Point, and have to walk about 1km to the starting point. Warming up :P..

The starting point..Everyone is excited to run!

This is after we completed 7km run..Sooooo tired but satisfied!
I couldn’t meet the rest of my friends because of the crowd..After the run, to tired and we didn’t wait for the rest of the event, straight to to Upperstar and grab big burger! Yummy!
 It was really fun, and i will join more marathon or run in Sabah!


It had been quite sometime since I update something here. I am not actually that busy, maybe I am just lazy? 😛
I am currently doing some projects which will take one or two years to complete. Indeed, a good thing for the world’s economy (hehe) but I will again, have my sleepless nights and the stress mode will be switching on again..
It’s already July, too fast. I can’t even remember if I had achieve something this year..ha ha..Too fast..way too month will be August and the ‘ber’ will start, which mean it’s already end of the year!
Well at least I had finally completed my retirement saving plan. Investing few thousand of my retirement saving to make the $$ grow..And yes, I am being very careful, reading through the T&C; on the papers before putting my thumb prints on it J.  Hope when I reach 50, I will have more than enough money to go around the world! Well no one will work so hard but gain nothing eventually rite J.
Oh and I am starting to run again! Wah I am so happy when I can run 600m without have to stop here and there! Yay!
Okay need to continue doing my system 😛

Life Quote

I love beautiful words..And i always see a reflection from it. It is amazing..It has no boundaries, let it be from any religion, belief or teaching..All beautiful words come from a sincere heart of those who wrote it. Below are some of my favourite Quote about life 🙂

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.
William James

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.
Mark Twain

My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can.
Cary Grant

“Does money upset the hearts of learned men? He answered, “men whose hearts are changed by money are not learned”.

Abu Hamid Al Ghazali((RH)

Yep people..Good Quotes sometimes bring smiles in your heart ain’t they 🙂

Life is a Song

 I stumble upon this beautiful song by Patrick Park, really inspiring. Enjoy people!

You say life is a dream where we can’t say what we mean
Maybe just some roadside scene that we’re driving past
There’s no telling where we’ll be in a day or in a week
And there’s no promises of peace or of happiness

Well is this why you cling to every little thing
And polverize and derrange all your senses
Maybe life is a song but you’re scared to song along
Until the very ending

Oh, it’s time to let go of everything we used to know
Ideas that strengthen who we’ve been
It’s time to cut ties that won’t ever free our minds
From the chains and shackles that they’re in

Oh, tell me what good is saying that you’re free
In a dark and storming sea
You’re chained to your history, you’re surely sinking fast
You say that you know that the good Lord’s in control
He’s gonna bless and keep your tired and oh so restless soul
But at the end of the day when every price has been paid
You’re gonna rise and sit beside him on some old seat of gold
And won’t you tell me why you live like you’re afraid to die
You’ll die like you’re afraid to go

Oh, it’s time to let go of everything we used to know
Ideas that strengthen who we’ve been
It’s time to cut ties that won’t ever free our minds
From chains and shackles that they’re in
From the chains and shackles that they’re in

Well life is a dream ’cause we’re all walking in our sleep
You could see us stand in lines like we’re dead upon our feet
And we build our house of cards and then we wait for it to fall
Always forget how strange it is just to be alive at all


Patrick Park “Life Is A Song” from Ravi Dhar on Vimeo.

That’s how i speak my Dusun :(

Went to the vet at Ranau today to send my kitten Miss Stoking for checkup. She was being terrorized by two evil male cat and badly injured 🙁

Ranau do not actually have a private Vet, but do have Jabatan Haiwan where they provide a clinic for animals. Well unlike private vet, they don’t have fancy equipments or proper system for checking, but yea, as long as they provide what they suppose to provide rite..

I went in and greeted by middle age man-which i don’t think is an animal doctor..But experience assistant. yep he checked my kitten lovingly and he knows what he was doing 🙂

While he was checking, a couple came in, both in their 50s i think. The woman ask me : Aiyaa..nekure di gima lo dungau nu? (What’s wrong with your cat?)

For 3 second i was thinking should i reply in Dusun or in Malay? Then maybe to be polite i choose to reply in Dusun. And it took me another 5 second to think what is ‘Actually’ in Dusun language. Well just make my sentence nice 🙂

Unable to figure it out, i reply : Sumakit (Sick) (Or should it actually be Sinumakit? Uh i don’t know.)which is a very straight forward answer. Well, i know that as Dusun, i can’t just reply a word. people will expect that there will be explanations after that.

My brain keep searching for the right words and then sentence to explain. Before i can think any, the man asked : Haro naakan dau? Naakaakan matu do rasun? (Something she eat? Maybe poison?)

Then my brain like an old harddisk spining soundly to think for a words. I was planning to say ‘Attacked by the neighbour’s cat’ – in which unfortunately i don’t know what is neighbour in Dusun. So i said ‘Nokokot di Dungau sabalah walai’  (My late grandma might disowned me if she ever hear me speak Dusun like that)

I dont know. Should i use Nokokot or Kinokot or Kinokoton– but im pretty sure the root word is kokot-which mean bite.

And  Sabalah is actually a Malay word being Dusunized by me which is mean next to in that sentence :P..

And yep, to make things easy for me, i just put on my smiling face and let the couple do all the talking and i just smile,nod and say ‘iri nogi..‘  In English it just mean ‘Yeah’

A visit to the vet really makes me realize how poor my vocabulary in Dusun is. Actually maybe i know what the word is , but when trying to put it into sentence, it will really sound funny, stupid or even rude..haih

And it will take me almost 30secs to reply in Dusun, as i need to think of the right words-right grammar and putting it into sentence.  i am really ashamed with myself!

The Royal Wedding

The world is watching the wedding of Prince William and Kate as i am writing this post. Im in front of the TV as well, don’t want to miss it!

Ah, i love fairy tales wedding and lucky enough to have all the time to watch it. Unlike most of my friends in the office so yep-no TV 🙂

Still have some urgent task to finish, so i ‘work’ in front of TV, which mean my eyes will be 80% with TV and 20% with my work.Hehe..At time, Prince William had arrived with Prince harry..Aww..can’t wait to see Kate..

I am actually watching the Royal Wedding on E! Channel, and they describe everything in a perfect way! Checking out Henrik Stigell awesome blog, while waiting for Kate…

Feeding Pain

I watched Oprah just now and its something about a woman who has no memory of her childhood because of some tragedy that she herself dont know what. She was weight 716 pounds and to date she has dropped almost 230 pounds.

She can’t remember anything about her life before age 13, which she’s realized caused her to overeat. “I’m working with a new therapist who’s helping me cope with a lot of pain or trying to find my childhood,” she says. “I’m finding out I’m a girl that felt a lot of pain and I had no idea. And I suppressed it and suppressed it. And the only medication you can get to as a child is food.”

Feeding pain is what people usually do when they don’t know how to express the pain or how to make it go away. This will cause the tendency to do something to distract the pain. Some people don’t want to face a problem. they will always think that the problem will go away by itself. they never realize that it will always stay, just waiting for something to trigger it-and only it will explode.

For me, i would say i prefer to talk the problem. But to talk the problem with someone who prefer to hide it is very difficult. Some people just don’t want to confront other people to get answer and the solution. They prefer to be the victim not to realize that it kills other people inside.

Alll things that you do or said had a consequences-if you brave enough to do it-you should be brave enough to be responsible for your thought -act or words – rite?

Happy Tuesday people!

Ranau Library

I always love reading and i love my books..Recently i went to Ranau Library with my mom(she’s a book lover as well 😀 ) and i was amazed on how the Ranau Library had changed!

It now has its own building, compare to 10 years back when it was located at  upstairs of a shop lot! Thank you to whoever it is to finally realize Ranau needs a better library. Well went inside the library it is quite huge divided into few sections. It also has a multimedia section where some research can be made computerized-no facebooking of course!

I am so excited with the new library-well to consider that i always happy with lots of books around me :). It was a weekdays when i went there for the first time and there was not much people. Second time, yes a lot! At least people know how to appreciate library.

I didn’t take any photo as the management is quite strict-but maybe i will take some this week (hope the librarian never read this blog anyway ). I borrow a few books from the library for my work. Hmm but one thing is that the books in the library is not neatly arranged. i was looking for a business and marketing book actually but only find a few and to my astonishment it never been borrowed! The book come in on Jan 2009 and i am the first who borrow it on April 2011..Hmmm

Interesting book actually..maybe not many people realize that the library actually has quite a few interesting books apart from novels. I am really interested in Sales and Marketing but i couldn’t afford to enroll myself for any class yet-so yep i use all the resources (free) as i can to get educated, study and maybe will just sit for the exam one day? Sometimes i wonder why is that i study Computer Science before and not Business and Marketing..But i never regret it-i always believe that life is a school – we learn something new everyday.

I share one of the poem from this book: The Ultimate Marketing Plan

A lion met a tiger as they drank beside the pool.
Said the tiger to the lion, “Why are you roaring like a fool?”
“That’s not foolish,” said the lion with a twinkle in his eyes.
“They call me king of all the beasts because I advertise.”

A rabbit heard them speaking, ran homeward like a streak,
Thought he’d try the lion’s trick, but his roar was just a squeak.
A fox was walking by that way, had luncheon in the woods.

The Moral: Never advertise unless you have the goods!

Happy reading people!