Melrose Essential Oil

Young Living Melrose Essential Oil

Morning Friyay!!

Waking up with some rashes on the leg, i quickly make my own skin cream using Melrose essential oil.


So Melrose ni ialah oil blends yang consists of 4 essential oils which are:
💧 Tea Tree Oil
💧 Nerolina Oil ( Cousin Tea Tree)
💧 Rosemary Oil
💧 Clove Oil

All 4 above ialah oils yang amat bagus untuk kulit. A protective barrier against skin challenges.

Melrose has strong antiseptic properties.

Selain bagus untuk kulit, Melrose bagus untuk kasin hilang bau² an juga. Macam bau hapak, bau sampah.

Jangan lupa kebaikan dia untuk system respiratory! 1 drop di tapak tangan, activate and inhale! Awal pagi bagus untuk amalkan.

My eczema lotion, main ingredient memang Melrose ❤


DIY Perfume

Commercial perfume usually made by hundreds of chemicals compounds, and they are usually toxic.

Based on “As if we needed another reason to stop using fragranced products, a recent analysis foundthat fragrance was the official culprit in a number of  work-related reports of asthma. The study looked at asthma associated with exposure to air fresheners, perfumes, colognes, and other personal care products in the workplace. “

So, what is our alternative?

Try make your own perfume using Young Living Essential OIl.

10 Drops Joy
5 Drops White Angelica
Witch Hazel

In 30ml spray bottle, pour in 80% Witch Hazel, followed by Joy and White Angelica.
Gently mix the mixture.
Finally pour in the purified water,

Tips: To make the scent stronger, mix the 2 oils first and leave them in a dark place for 2 days. Then only add in Witch Hazel and water.

Happy Oiling!

Young Living Distributor : 
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Positive Blends

Im so in love with this blends!

1 Drop Abundance
2 Drops White Angelica
3 Drops Joy

The scent is so divine! Soothing the mind and emotion. When you feel down and all your things didn’t work out, try this blend.

Make affirmation: Abundance come to my house. All bad things will go through the door, and Joy will fill this house once again.

I am so ready to work even more hard to achieve my target after that.

Young Living Purification Essential Oil

Purification is an essential oil blend that contains citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia), lavandin and myrtle.

What are the uses?

1. Stinky Shoes

You know this better than anyone else if you have boys in your house! The shoe rack is like a stinky rack, you don’t want to get near with 😀

How to overcome this problem?

Put 1 drop on a cotton ball, put in inside the shoes. The stinks will all go away! Before putting on socks you can apply purification to the feet as well.

2. Insect Repellent

Balik kampung time will deal with lots of mosquitos and one safe way to solve it is to diffuse purification! I even have my DIY insect repellent in my bags everytime!

3. Purify the air

I remember when we first move in to our apartment, even with lots of mopping and scrubbing, there was always this weird kind of smell. It was like a combination of damp wall with stinky ceiling i don’t know haha. I immediately diffuse Purification before we put all out things in. And walla! no more weird smells in the apartment.

4. For clean clothes, i put 5 drops of purification on my washer loads!

I don’t really like Purification at first, but i am getting to love (and appreciate) it!

Essential Oil, apa bah tu?

Harini mau cerita apa itu essential oil (EO). Untuk newbie pasal EO la ni ya. Terdapat banyak jenama EO dipasaran sekarang. Salah satu nya adalah Young Living (YL).

So apa itu Young Living Essential Oil (YLEO)??
Essential oil adalah minyak aromatik dari tumbuhan iaitu daripada akar, getah, bunga, biji benih dan setiap satunya mempunyai khasiat tersendiri.

Kenapa YLEO?
YLEO merupakan minyak yang dihasilkan adalah 100% tulen dan mempunyai jisim molekular yang sangat halus bagi membantu EO meresap. YL juga mempunyai ladang dan kilang tersendiri untuk menghasilkan dan pemprosesan essential oil.
Apa kelebihan EO?
• Alternatif kepada ubat-ubatan moden.
• Sangat mudah meresap ke dalam kulit apabila disapu secara topikal.
• Tiada kesan sampingan jangka panjang seperti bahan kimia yang memudaratkan krn EO merupakan ekstrak tumbuhan semulajadi.
Bagaimana cara penggunaan?
• Topical (sapuan)
• Diffuse : Ni Pakai Diffuser ( Dalam set PSK nanti ada ya)
• Hidu : Titik di tapak tangan dan letakkan tapak tangan di hudung dan tarik nafas yang dalam.
• Dietary : Contohnya titik dalam air dan minum

Apa fungsi EO?
Terlalu banyak fungsi EO ni. Tapi sy cuba terangkan ndalam 3 main categories la ya:
a. Emotion
i. Menghidu aroma EO ( yang natural) boleh membantu badan kita menangani stress.
ii. Membantu otak kita focus dengan menghidu aroma EO

b. Kesihatan
Setiap EO ada fungsi masing-masing untuk meningkatkan tahap kesihatan seseorang.
Contohnya Digized, membantu mengurangkan sakit perut, Panaway membantu melegakan sakit sendi.
c. Kecantikan
Fungsi kecantikan EO juga banyak. Dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki semua di cover 
Contohnya :
I) Rosemary dan Cedarwood untuk kecantikan rambut
II) Lavender & Frankinscene untuk Kulit

Namun harus di ingatkan, Essential Oil ini adalah untuk membantu mencegah dan bukan bermaksud untuk mengubati segala jenis penyakit. Please ikut saranan doctor ya 

Those yang ada persoalan atau mau experience Young Living Essential Oil, jangan malu-malu contact saya ya. I am located at Kota Kinabalu Sabah, but we have big team seluruh Malaysia to guide you on your essential oil journey. Contact saja : <3

-Lots of love-

Young Living Essential Oil changed my life

Septermber 2018. And suddenly i blog again.

I took 3 days off from my office, and fly to KL with my two kids since my husband cannot get the offday for the long weekend. EJ who is turning 4, had to be absent from her kindy for 3 days as well 😀

Earlier this year, we enroll EJ to kindy for the first time. A little bit early, but due to her social skills we were advised to let her mingle with kids her own age. The first 6 months is like a hell for us. Why? She easily get sick due to new environment and getting viruses from other kids. Every month, paed visit is putting a hole on our monthly budget. I tell you, paed is no cheap. Yes because we pay for their speciality, and the medicines for toddler are expensive.

Her monthly paed visit, stressed us up. Not to mention the diffrent antibiotics and drugs she need to swallow. July 2018, i tell myself, thats it! I need to really sit down and think of other alternative, natural way, no more swallowing drugs to the system.

My SIL introduced me to Young Living Essential Oil. I was skeptical, well, the price is like getting another hole on my wallet! It’s no cheap!

My SIL explained to me why it is expensive, why it is important.And she said, you can have free oils too if you want to do YL as a business. And after digging up some books and internet, i finally gave up to her and just want to give it a try. I am not 100% sure yet, but why not. As long as i have another alternative rite.

So i join Young Living. I purchase the PSK ( Premium Starter Kit) which is RM740. I get 13 oils, and 1 dewdrop diffuser. I tell myself that im so gonna get that RM740 i invested, and i will get my FREE monthly oils, and im not going to add another budget to my already strict monthly financial budget.

And the oils? They works fantastic! I diffuse Thieves and Frankinscense on my first night. Then diffuse R.C for 3 consecutive days. On the 4th days,  EJ sneeze sooo hard and pleghem is all over her shirt from the nose!

The 4th to the 7th day, i diffuse lemon + lavender every night. The first week using YL essential oil, EJ’s runny nose stopped. And her appetite seems to blossom!

Punya saya bahagia!

I never regret joining Young Living, and using YL essential Oil for my family. I am not saying that i will not using medicine from pharmacy anymore, but i reduce them. Essential Oil is not a medicine, but it helps to prevent. Prevention is better than cure ain’t they.

So what essential oil is all about?

In my next post, i will write about the use of each 13 oils in the PSK.

If you interested more on YL Essential Oil, just post a comment or i can be reached at 011.6061.2010

-Lots of love-

And she blog again :)

This blog could have a newborn if it was just pregnant when i last post anything!

Yes guilty as charged. I let my laziness took over. The neverending i dont have time excuse when i have time to upload on Instagram. My brain is getting slow.. slow to think even the right word to start a blog post!

So update ya update..

The cheeky girl is now 3 years and 3 months, whilst the baby boy is 1 year and 11 months. Time flies huh, phew. They are suddenly running around making chaos in the house. From a tiny little humans to hard-to-catch not-so-little humans. <3

Credit to Aunty Cindy for the photo.

Randavi and Surindi at their Aunty Cindy’s.

And this Mom still with her 8 – 5 office work. Yes, never did finally decided to be a stay at home Mom even with quite a few evil hatred people envying me with my career. Oh well, im so blessed with a mother who can take care of my kids when i am at work. And with my in laws who always there when my mother is  not around. Hmm come to think about it, i have everything a daughter, a wife and a mother need. A love from people around me. Now i understand the hate.. Tsk tsk.. <3

I have to stop now, as my December task is getting longer ( remember i have full time job!). I be back! And i promise.. yes.. hmmm..

Day 10 Lent

It’s Friday today – means no MEAT day. It is abstinence  rules for a Catholic to abstain from eating meat on Friday.

Every person 14 years of age or older must abstain from meat (and items made with meat) on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and all the Fridays of Lent. Every person between the age of 18 and 59 (beginning of 60th year) must fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

But remember again, that in Catholic it’s not just about FOOD. The most important in Lent is to demonstrate love and fogiveness.

Abstaining from meat is my choice – to spritually get close to the Lord. To remember that on Friday ,Jesus sacrified his flesh and his blood to save us.



Day 8 Lent

Day 8 of lent ( yesterday), and i am still lack of giving and praying. I slowly limit my social media ( FB,insta) to avoid any unwanted critism or judging reading the news feed.  Ha ha , well sometimes i can’t help it – especially when I saw bragging post or ‘oh-thats-so-her’ post. Once home, i won’t touch my phone – but concentrate the time with my beautiful kids <3

So yesterday, i decided to be humble on road.

It might sound simple or ‘oo-i-did-it-everyday’, but i put all my sincerity there :D. I let other car go first, i pray for the reckless driver, and i smile to other driver when stop on traffic light.

And i reach home with a pleasant feeling.

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-08 at 5.36.42 PM
“Mommy’s home!!”


Day 3 Lent

This year lent, i will try to really appreciate and make holy the season with fasting and do good.

The third day of lent , i decided to donate blood to one particular child at Hosp Tenom. I was contacted by Queen Elizabeth’s bolld bank unit , that my blood is a match with this child, and she needed the blood urgently. So i went.

I give my blood to this beautiful child, with a prayer for her health and safety. May the lord above grant her all the health she and her parents always wanted. Amen.

Sending my ‘blood’ to Tenom with love

The process is not painful.Trust me. Donate blood.